Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh glorious weekends!

How I live for you now. I am always amazed by how much I have to do over the course of 2 short days. But, today was wonderful, and we got a lot accomplished. Cleaning, laundry, cuddling with Baby, and running errands to boot!

Speaking of... while we were driving to look at the new Baby R Us store (opening soon...yea!!!) we saw 4 teenagers panhandling. Their signs just said donate, please help, support us... etc... And then one guy's shirt said "For College." I just couldn't believe that they were begging for money. If they were actually going to use the money for school, that is one interesting way to raise funds. I just don't know if I believed them or not. It doesn't really matter b/c i didn't have any cash on me. Not even change. I know, how horrible.

Tomorrow promises to be a great day of relaxation. If that actually happens, then it'd be great. Here's hoping!

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