Saturday, October 24, 2009

Things are a changing

Well, my husband starts his separation leave from the Navy in 13 days. Then, 2 months later, he's out of the Navy. Oh, man, things are a changing! He's been looking for a job now for about a month or so, but b/c his specialty is super specific, it's taking a while. If he doesn't get a job, he'll go to school and be a stay at home dad. Which, isn't going to be that bad b/c of the GI Bill. I start classes in November to finish my Bachelor's degree in computer science. Which is kind of funny b/c I know about squat on computers, but I'm only 10 classes away from my degree. Got to love the education system in America.

Baby is doing great, rolling over and talking up a storm. He LOVES bananas. He goes CRAZY for them. Not even kidding, I'm pretty sure he'd stab me for some. And apple juice. Oh man, oh man. He cries when he finishes the bottle. And his laugh. My, his laugh is enough to brighten my week. His smile is huge and contagious. He's getting so big, I don't know what to do with him anymore!

Off to take care of the baby and husband. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why my husband rocks.

I know, I know. Same old story, different day! I have to take time out for me, and am not that good at it. I am going to try and continue to update and post. This is my project for me. I can't let myself down!

I am on new medicine for the PPD. I just started the new stuff 2 days ago. It's what I used to take before I got pregnant, but a lot stronger now b/c of different reasons. It's making me kind of drowsy and out of it. But, it's better then being a screaming crazy person, right?

I am trying to take my time and enjoy each day with my husband and son. When my husband does something that makes me mad, I have to take a breath before I say something. I can't just automatically say what I want to. I have to, or else I will be that awful wife. I try to appreciate everything that he does for me, out of his way. He is a great husband, but sometimes I need to remind myself that he is not perfect, no matter how great and wonderful he is. He will make mistakes. He will say stuff that comes out wrong. He will do the wrong thing. But, he is amazing. He is a wonderful father. My son is lucky to have him as a father. I couldn't have asked for anything or anyone better. I have to remember how lucky I am. Because, I'm afraid that if I don't, he'll realize how crazy I am. And then, I'll be lost.

He keeps telling me that he understands. That he doesn't love me any less, or even like me any less. He is putting up with my "disorder" very well. I am really pretty lucky.