Friday, March 19, 2010

Another year down, a bajillion more to go

March 6 was my 3rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary husband! I am pretty lucky to have a guy that puts up with me like he does. Sometimes, believe it or not, I can be a bit of a handful! I am always thankful that he is there for me, even when I can be unreasonable. I know, not me. But for real, yes me. Thanks babe!

Michael is almost walking. It is really scary to watch him grow so fast. A friend of mine is having her son right now, and I cannot wait to meet him. The problem is my ovaries are probably going to start aching for another baby. I keep seeing all the precious little ones, and my first thought is I WANT ONE. You have to realize, Michael is a huge monster. He outgrew the baby stage at like, 4 months. I am going to have to have another one to get that baby ache cured. Which won't be happening any time soon. So, I will just have to settle for friends' babies.

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