Sunday, February 21, 2010

Being a single mom

This past week, Mike was gone for a week for work. So, I got my first taste of being a single parent. Although it wasn't too bad, I am so grateful for Mike and all he does. Michael and I did have a lot of fun going on adventures around the island. I tried to make sure we didn't spend too much time at home with nothing to do. One day we went to my niece's house and let the kids play together. Zoe kept trying to "hold the baby", even though she has a 3 month old brother. Michael was the new baby. They did very well together.
I am going to be starting a new work schedule this week. I will be working a swing shift, which means work 2 shifts, off 48 hrs, work 2 shifts (mids), off 72 hours. My sleep schedule is going to suck. But, there is more time off. Which is a plus. Mike used to have this schedule when I got off the ship. During that time, I kept Zoe a lot so I wouldn't be by myself!
Michael is getting too smart for his own good. He is crawling up stairs now, we just cannot keep him still! I have a feeling that he will be walking by 9 months. We have a wonderful son though, such a ham! He loves being the center of attention! (He does get that honestly, though!)

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