Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Adventures of Super Baby and Wimpy Mom

Baby Michael did amazing at his 2 month shots today! He fussed a little bit, and then fell directly asleep. In fact, Hubs had to make sure he wasn't in a coma b/c of how asleep he was. He went to day care and was a champ there also. I was very impressed with his awesomeness. And then there's me...

I had to decide today if I wanted to have my thumb nail removed by the Dr. or let it come off on its own. As a back story, a little over a month ago, I slammed my thumb in the car door. We went to the ER and turns out I broke off the tip of the bone. They burned a hole in the nail to let the blood out, and told me the nail was probably going to come off. Well, after a month I still had the nail. Until this past weekend, when I realized that it was separating from the nail bed. After leaving the gym this afternoon, the nail caught my uniform and tore a little more from the bed. I went to medical and the nurse gave me the 2 options. After weighing them out, I decided to let them take it off. Better then me accidently ripping it off, right? WRONG!!!

The nurse numbed the thumb 5 times and I could still feel the pain. Finally, after only removing 1/2 the nail, I gave up and that's what I have on my right thumb... half a nail. I will let nature take it's course. I quit!

P.S. The nurse couldn't believe that I went through 8 hours of labor w/out an epidural b/c of how much of a chicken I was. But, labor is for a great reason. Nail removal is not!!

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