Friday, September 25, 2009


I am a normal 26 year old. My job isn't the same as most people, but I work for a living. I don't get things for free, I'm not sponsored. I work 10+ hours a day. I have what I have because I've earned it. That being said:
I am a huge fan of Heather Armstrong. I know that a lot of people have written pieces on her over the last few weeks. I started reading her blog a few months ago. I was looking up PPD symptoms and found her. I bought her book, and read her blog going back a few years. This was when I was on bed rest before baby was born, so I had A LOT of time to kill.
Seeing what she went through with her oldest daughter made me realize that I had to be really careful with myself for PPD. Having had anxiety problems my entire life, I figured I would be at risk.
So, no, I'm not a drone or whatever critics call her fans. I don't rush out and buy $24 mascara. (Although I do own $24 mascara, but that was from before Dooce). If she has the courage to speak her mind and make money off it, good for her!
I am not sure what all has been going on with the hate blogs, this is something new to me. I know the Monetize the Hate blog was a brilliant idea. Whether it goes for charity or not isn't the point. I think that it was awesome. There were comments from other blogs on there, and maybe she knew where they came from, maybe she didn't. They are quoted now.
The fact that the Armstrongs get to work from home is amazing. I would love to be able to do that. Would I love to endure the hate that they receive? Absolutely not. Jon and Heather are a lot stronger then I am. I'll keep my job with my little pay any day.

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