Friday, September 4, 2009

What 7 hours of sleep causes.

First of all, let me explain how my morning started. I woke up at 5:15, looked at my watch, realized Baby hadn't woken up all night to eat, and jumped out of bed. I went to the bassinet and felt for his breath. He was still alive. Then I stood there, looking at him in awe. He had slept 8 1/2 hours at 10 weeks old. How is that possible? He does have his father's sleeping genes apparently. Hubs can sleep standing riding up an escalator. STANDING UP. It's just not normal. But, Baby seems to think it is. And, I'm not complaining.

However, Hubs decided that since Baby can sleep this long so early, it's time for him to start sleeping in the crib in the nursery. And I disagree. Our conversation went something like this:

Him: It's time Baby sleeps in the nursery.
Me: No, Baby isn't ready.
Him: Baby is ready, you're not.
Me: You're a horrible parent who wants to separate a mother from her son. You should fuck off and die.

That's not really how the conversation went. Except the last sentence. I did tell him to fuck off and die. In the most loving tone, of course.

All of this is to say that I got 7 hours of sleep. Straight. Without waking up. Man, my boobs were about to explode this morning. But, again, 7 hours of sleep!!! And, it's a day off of work for me too. Hubs had to work though (BOO!) so I have the house by myself since Baby is at day care. (Free babysitting. Although not really free since we pay out the buttox for it.) I am going to finish folding laundry that is on the bed right now once I'm done writing. And, I'm going to go get a mani/pedi. Except on my right thumb nail that is no longer there. It finally came off last night. And now the baby thumb nail is growing back. It really grossed out Hubs. That was awesome. I don't know what to do with this much sleep! I could keep talking all day long!

On a side note, I finally got around to reading some blogs last night. And I fell in love with The Bloggess. She is so freaking funny. Reading her conversation about driving made me laugh cry. I was reading it out loud to Hubs and we had to take breaks because we were laughing so hard. The main reason is because it is a conversation that could very well take place between us.

Now that I've written more then I have with all the other posts combined, I shall attack the laundry. And then off to spoil myself. I'm totally okay with that.

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